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  • Mondays with Melanie

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    Hi guys! So this year I challenged myself to do something every Monday which for me is always my day off. It’s always my day off partly because most people don’t require entertainment for events on Mondays, and also because I make a point to take at least one day a week to do “normal people” stuff like laundry, grocery shopping, putting away my gowns, etc… So! I started every Read more ...

  • Song writing


    Hello you lovely people! Some of your may know that I’ve gotten into song writing this year. As someone who’s always considered herself a half-way decent writer, I thought it appropriate to start putting my words into songs since i AM afterall a singer. It’s a terribly intimidating thing, however, having the guts to share all these inner and probably intimate thoughts for everyone to hear and judge. I will Read more ...

  • Oh, the places you’ll go


    Bonjour mon amis! I just spent the most spectacular week in Paris. From the art, the architecture, the history, the shopping, the FOOD, and we can’t forget the wine, everything left me wanting more! I loved every minute, and even though my singing takes me all over the world, this trip was purely for pleasure. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy this city at some point in Read more ...

  • The falling leaves


    Bon soir mon cher e mon cherie! First of all, what a magnificent fall day! Today is the sort of day I wish I could bottle up and drink up all year round. Between the smell of the leaves, the crisp sound of those leaves when you step on them, the color of changing landscapes, and the warmth of the sun mixed with the cool fall air, it’s no wonder Read more ...


Bianco Martinis  

Date City Venue Country
07/25/15 Dix Hills, New York Dix Hills Performing Arts Center United States
Time: 6:30pm.

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